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  • Arrangement of shipping/airfreight
  • Arranging furniture rental
  • School search
  • Visa & Immigration assistance
  • Cross Cultural Language and Training course
  • Referral to Financial Advisor

Help and advice

Relocating often involves unfamiliar territory, whether it is the process of relocating or the area to which you are moving.

At Relocate UK, we can offer a helping hand with the entire process or just offer extra support and advice in the areas you specifically require. Our dedicated consultants will be pleased to act on your behalf to ensure you are fully protected as a tenant and that you are fully aware of your responsibilities as well as your landlordís obligations.

Thereís nothing we wonít do to help!

  • Comprehensive pre-departure consultation
  • Home search (property search, viewings and itinerary)
  • Airport transfers & hotel bookings
  • Travel assistance
  • Pet removals
  • Orientation/familiarisation trip
  • Temporary accommodation arrangements
  • Tenancy management (from checkin to checkout)
  • Settling in service
  • Information packs
  • Welcome packs on arrival