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A successful relocation is all in the detail

Having helped literally thousands of people to successfully relocate to and within the UK over the 12 years they have been established, the team at Relocate UK know better than most the kind of close attention to detail that is required to ensure a smooth and happy move.

There are always different circumstances, requirements, cultures, geographies and budgets that play a part in every relocation, which makes each one totally unique. It is understanding these factors, and exactly what the client wants, that is key to making a relocation a success.

Says Relocate UK Manager, Louise Jobson: "We constantly use the experience we have gained over the years to fine-tune the way we work to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience of relocating. Our Relocation Coordinators know exactly the right questions to ask, and the best way to approach estate and lettings agents when looking for properties, to make sure we find the right home for our clients without any unnecessary stress or time wasting.

"We always tailor our service to fit our clients' circumstances, so that - whether they can be here to view properties or not - they can trust us to take care of everything for them."

As an example of how each relocation comes with its unique challenges, and how these can be overcome, the team at Relocate UK were recently approached by a client looking to move to the UK from Belgium with his wife, two children, five ridgeback dogs and two cats!

The family was looking to rent a house in a rural area in Leicestershire, ideally with no close neighbours, on a budget of under 1000 per month. They were unable to come to the UK to view properties themselves so left it entirely in the hands of Relocation Coordinator, Kelly Cox.

Kelly quickly established the family's main priorities and contacted letting agents in the area to see what was available. Having dealt with agents so extensively, she is adept at decoding 'letting-agent-speak' and can quickly cut down several potential properties to a credible shortlist.

When she had found a property she believed would suit her client, Kelly sent him a full report about it with accurate photos taken throughout the interior and exterior of the house (aimed to show the reality of the property to her client rather than to sell it to him) - and details of all the pros and cons of living there from his point of view.

The client loved the property - which was a farmhouse next door to a farm - and agreed to rent it. Kelly negotiated with the agent to get best possible rent and checked the tenancy agreement thoroughly to make sure it was accurate and contained no unfair terms or conditions. She also arranged permission from the neighbouring farmer that the dogs could be walked out through the back of the property leading into the countryside with no need to go onto the main road at the front of the house.

The family moved in last week and have settled in well.

Says Louise: "There is no such thing as a typical relocation, as this example shows. There is only one way to succeed and that is to look at every aspect of the relocation through our clients" eyes - with the understanding of their priorities at the forefront of our minds. It is about saving them time, money, stress and effort, but above all it"s about having empathy and understanding so we can get them exactly what they want."

Other examples of successful relocations that Relocate UK have carried out recently include a single lady moving from America, who wanted to be in a safe area within walking distance of work; and a young family moving from France wanting a family home near good schools, supermarkets and leisure facilities. Both have now moved and are happily settling into their new homes.

Relocate UK is one of the most successful and respected relocation agencies in the UK, helping hundreds of clients successfully relocate to or in the UK each year.