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Finding your ideal home in a tough rental market

There's no doubt about it, it's a tough market for renters at the moment. Demand for rented property far outweighs supply in most areas and good quality rental properties are being snapped up as soon as they become available. Rents have increased over the last year, and there is often competition between tenants for the same property, leading to a rent above the asking rent being agreed to.

It is at times like this that the services of an experienced relocation agent like Relocate UK can be invaluable - to save a great deal of time, stress and money.

As Relocate UK's manager, Louise Balban explains: "In a market like this we can help people relocating in a number of ways. Firstly, we have strong relationships with a large network of letting agents who always let us know first - before even marketing it elsewhere - that a suitable property has become available. This means that, whilst many prospective tenants are under pressure to take the first thing they can get, we can give our clients a range of properties to choose from that match their requirements."

"Secondly, we are able to secure a competitive rent for our clients by strong negotiation, particularly for corporate tenancies, which appeal to both agents and landlords. We will also look out for their interests by checking the tenancy agreement, inventory and terms and conditions of the tenancy thoroughly before they commit themselves, and negotiate better terms if necessary."

"Thirdly, we can find properties and secure tenancies very quickly for people working to tight timescales. Just last week a client called us the day before flying to England from Spain wanting to look at properties in Brighton the next day. We booked in a number of viewing for her and she was able to look at them all in a matter of hours, choose one and fly back to Spain the same day. Another client we helped recently contacted us on a Monday saying he needed to be out of his current accommodation by the end of the week. We arranged a number of viewings for him on the Wednesday and he moved into his chosen property on the Friday, as required."

Even when their clients' requirements are not straightforward, the team at Relocate UK are willing and able to rise to the occasion. Says Louise: "One family we relocated recently had three Rottweiler dogs which presented a challenge for finding rented accommodation. Whilst many landlords and agents will not allow pets, our contacts are so extensive that we were able to provide the family with a list of suitable properties with landlords who were happy to accept three large dogs. The family found the home they wanted and are now settled in."

"No request is too big or small for us. We take pride in knowing that we can make a big difference to any relocation - whatever the conditions of the local market - making the whole process less time consuming, less stressful and less expensive for our clients.

Whether you are an individual looking to relocate on your own or with your family, or a company with many employees to relocate, Relocate UK has the experience and resources you need to assist you. They are one of the most successful and respected relocation agencies in the UK, helping hundreds of clients successfully relocate to or in the UK each year.