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Helping employees buy into a relocation

You may be convinced that the relocation of your business to a new area is in the best interests of your company, but to maximize the success of the move, the support of your key employees is crucial. They will naturally be concerned with how the move will affect them personally; what it will mean for their lifestyle as well as their career.

To help businesses in this situation, Relocate UK, one of the UK"s leading relocation specialists, offers more than just a standard relocation service. The company carries out expert research for businesses on the move, to help them with every aspect of the relocation, including helping employees to see the benefits of the move.

Says Relocation Manager, Louise Jobson: "We understand that a business"s key employees are one of its greatest assets and the impact on them as individuals of relocating should never be overlooked. Our many years experience in relocating individuals and families means we can make things go as smoothly as possible and can anticipate what their concerns and priorities are likely to be."

To help employees buy into a forthcoming relocation, Relocate UK can provide information on how the move can have an extremely positive effect on them and their families and make the move itself as easy and stress free for them as possible.

Says Louise: "We can provide your employees with detailed comparisons of every way in which they and their families will be affected by the relocation, looking at the area to which they will be relocating and making comparisons with the area they are leaving. Everything will be considered, from the cost and availability of properties to rent or buy, to average commuting times and costs from various locations, the cost of food, drink and entertainment, and information about schools, educational and leisure facilities. In other words, all the details that will allow individual employees to fully understand how the move will affect them and how this compares with their current situation."

Says Louise: "This is an additional aspect to the service we offer that can help companies make the relocation as smooth and successful as possible, not only for the business but for its employees too."

Relocate UK is one of the most successful and respected relocation agencies in the UK, helping hundreds of clients successfully relocate to or in the UK each year.