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Bespoke research maximizes the success of a relocation

How can you be certain that the relocation of a business to a new area is the right decision, not only for the business itself but for its employees?

Relocate UK, one of the UK's leading relocation specialists, offers more than just a standard relocation service. The company carries out expert research for businesses considering a move, to save them thousands of pounds and ensure that the relocation being considered has the maximum chance of success.

Says Relocation Manager, Louise Jobson: "Just one example of this service is a project we are currently involved in. One of our clients is considering a move from central London to Bristol and would like as many of their employees as possible to relocate with them in order to minimise voluntary redundancies. They have commissioned us to write a detailed report comparing every aspect of living and working in Bristol with London so that they can decide whether the move to Bristol is viable commercially, and if it is, to demonstrate to their employees the benefits to them personally of moving there."

The research undertaken by Relocate UK makes detailed comparisons of everything that will affect the client's employees in moving to Bristol, from the cost and availability of properties to rent or buy, to average commuting times and costs from various locations, the cost of food, drink and entertainment, and information about schools, educational and leisure facilities. In other words, all the details that would allow individual employees to fully understand how the move would affect them and how this compares with their current situation.

Says Louise: "Bespoke research of this kind is an additional aspect to the service we offer that can help companies save significantly on relocation costs, as well as enable them to make the relocation as smooth and successful as possible."

Relocate UK is one of the most successful and respected relocation agencies in the UK, helping hundreds of clients successfully relocate to or in the UK each year.